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Entourage Relief Boost Drops

Entourage Relief Boost Drops

Transdermal Pain Relief Spray

Colorado Better Days Prides Itself In Trusted, Science-Based Products Derived From Hemp.

At Colorado Better Days Our Mission is Simple: Provide A Trusted, Science-Backed Product That Everyone Will Feel Comfortable Using. By Maintaining The Full Composition of Our Hemp, We Are Able To Provide The Maximum Beneficial Potential of The Plant (or, The “Entourage Effect”) In Our Wide Range of Products.


I’m usually not one to write reviews; but this product has made an AMAZING impact on my day-to-day routine! I’ve been taking it every morning for anxiety management, it really helps me stay level headed without any cloudiness within my mind. I’m able to take this at anytime of day with no negative side effects. If yo

Cameron Stevens – 5/15/20

One of the best ways to relax and focus in the mornings. I get a cup of coffee and follow it up with a cup of tea and this tincture.

Taylor Trask – 1/22/20

Entourage Relief Boost Drops

Our Entourage Immune boost drops have a very mild taste resembling the aroma of the fresh plant. It’s time to strengthen your body’s defenses with Colorado Better Days Immune Boost Drops with hemp.

Using a proprietary, solvent free extraction, Colorado Better Days Entourage is the first tincture that gives the full spectrum delivery from hemp. Since our extraction method is mechanical instead of chemical, the full profile of the plant is completely intact, just as nature intended.

Transdermal Pain Relief Spray

If you’re seeking instant relief, look no further than Colorado Better Days Pain Relief Spray. Colorado Better Days Pain Relief Spray is designed for on the spot treatment of muscle and nerve inflammation.

Feel the amazing benefits of Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Extract and Purified Water

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